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Haining Xinke Pottery Bearing Factory is a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D and sales. It has become a partner with internationally renowned brands Ensinger, Quadrant and Vespel. It is widely used in LCD panels, touch screens, LCD-TFTs, and lines. Board printing, food, medical, semiconductor and optoelectronics industries.

Products include: anti-static UPE roller, peek free wheel, peek guide wheel, ceramic bearing, plastic bearing, vacuum suction cup, brush,. ...

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Long-term cooperation with brands such as Huaxing, BOE Foxconn and Tianma in the mainland, the current products have been sold in Taiwan, South Korea, Related industries in Japan, the United States and Europe.
The factory with the integrity, professionalism, mutual assistance and the professional perspective, to help customers solve problems in product application.


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2019-08-05 2Introduction of PTFE high temperature and corrosio

2019-08-05 2HDPE, PP, UPE material introduction

2019-08-05 2POM plastic bearings, PP plastic bearings

2019-08-05 2Plastic sliding bearing features

2019-08-05 2Introduction of plastic bearings

High-precision parts and smart equipment product classification

AMOLED, LCD, TFT, flexible display, UPE wheel

High Fluorine/Perfluorinated O-Ring Flexible Transfer Rollers

peek polyetheretherketone high temperature transfer roller

UPE/PEEK/Ball Roller

PTFE acid and alkali resistant high temperature transfer roller

Anti-static UPE rib transfer wheel

304/316 stainless steel impact resistant elastic roller

304/316 Iron Ring Transfer Roller

POM/UPE anti-static torus transfer wheel

Lined/inner combination wheel (Sleeve)

UPE/PEEK quick release displacement wheel

Anti-static UPE/peek/pi/pai free wheel

Conductive UPE Freewheel Anti-static UPE Roller

Stainless steel shafts Rubber shafts Roller shaft sets

UPE/PVDF/PTFE/peek High Temperature Roller

All ceramic bearings

ZRO2 Zirconia Full Ceramic Bearings

SI3N4 Silicon Nitride Full Ceramic Bearings

SIC Silicon Carbide Ceramic Bearings

AI2O3 Alumina Full Ceramic Bearings

Outer spherical seated full ceramic bearing

Thumb Ball/Spherical Ball Full Ceramic Bearing

304/316L/440C Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings

Sealed ceramic bearings

All Ceramic Structural Parts

All Ceramic Full Ball Bearings

Ceramic cage full ceramic bearing

Mixed all-ceramic ball bearings

All Ceramic Structural Parts / Spool / Screws

Plastic bearing

PEEK polyetheretherketone high temperature plastic bearings

Pl Polyimide High Temperature Plastic Bearings

PAI (TORLON) Polyphenylene Ether Plastic Bearings

PBI material (polybenzimidazole) plastic bearings

POM POM Precision Plastic Bearings

PA/PA66 reinforced nylon plastic bearings

PTFE Teflon Acid and Alkali Plastic Bearings

PVDF acid and alkali resistant plastic bearings

UPE Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Acid and Alkali Wear Resistant Plastic Bearings

HDPE Polyethylene Acid and Alkali Plastic Bearings

PP Polypropylene Corrosion Resistant Plastic Bearings

Engineering plastic structural parts, housings

Anti-static peek conductive peek anti-static PI

Conductive PI Anti-Static UPE Conductive UPE

Antistatic PTFE Antistatic PVDF

PCTFE (polychlorotrifluoroethylene) hydrofluoric acid resistant plastic bearings

High temperature precision structural parts PIN ejector

PI Polyimide High Temperature and Wear Resistant Precision Structural Parts

PAI (TORLON) Polyphenyl vinegar structural parts

PBI material (polybenzimidazole) structural parts

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) high temperature structural parts

PCTFE Polychlorotrifluoroethylene Acid and Alkali Structural Parts

PBI material (polybenzimidazole) PIN ejector

PAI(TORLON) Polystyrene PIN Pole

PI Polyimide PIN Pole

PI Polyimide Brackets Screws

PAI(TORLON) Polyphenylene P Screws

Conductive PI Polyimide Ball

PAI(TORLON) Polyphenyl vinegar plastic ball

PI Insulation Cap PAI Screw PEI Structural Parts

PI PAI PBI Precision Mounts

Bearing bearing Housings

PEEK polyetheretherketone high temperature bearing housing

PAI (TORLON) Polyphenyl vinegar structural parts

PBI material (polybenzimidazole) high temperature bearing housing

PP acid and alkali bearing housing

PVDF acid and alkali bearing bearings

PCTFE High Temperature Bearing Seat Bearings

peek guide wheel roller drive with roller

peek precision fastening screws Nuts

peek bracket

PAI/peek universal bearing housing

PEEK bearing mounts

PTFE resistant acid and alkali gearbox shaped fixed for customization

PI Polyimide High Temperature Fixed Strips

PI Polyimide High Temperature Positioning Block

Clean room universal ball

POM POM Universal Float Universal Balls

PEEK polyetheretherketone heat resistant universal ball

PAI (TORLON) Polyphenylene Hydrate Universal Ball

PBI material (polybenzimidazole) universal ball

304 stainless steel universal ball

316L Stainless Steel Universal Balls

PEEK+304 Stainless Steel Universal Float

PAI+304 Stainless Steel Universal Float

PBI+304 stainless steel universal float

PI Polyimide + 304 Stainless Steel Universal Float

UPE Universal Float Universal Balls

PEEK Conductive Universal Balls

PI Polyimide + 304 Stainless Steel Universal Float

Brakes with brakes

PEEK Hexagon Universal Balls Universal Float

MC nylon gear, UPE helical gear

POM Plastic Gear POM Helical Gear

Acid-resistant PP helical helical gears, spur gears

Abrasion resistant acid and alkali UPE spur gear

MC Blue Nylon Helical Gear, Spur Gear

Green MC Nylon Oily Nylon Gears

Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless Steel Helical Gear

Nylon Umbrella Straight Nylon Umbrella Arc Gear

Adding stainless steel fastening gears to helical gears

Inlaid stainless steel inner geared PA nylon gear

Inlaid stainless steel UPE helical gear

Clean room non-contact magnetic wheel

Metal sintered magnetic rings (ultra-low dust/ultra-quiet/low cost)

Tree vinegar bonded magnetic ring (ultra-low dust/ultra-quiet/low cost)

45 degree drive magnetic gear magnetic wheel

180 degree drive magnetic gear magnetic wheel

Cross Drive Magnetic Gear Magnetic Wheel

Sintered NdFeB magnetic wheel

Side guide wheel, rubberized roller, brush

Acid and Corrosion Resistant Rubber Roller

Black Anti-static PU Rubber Roller

Black Conductive PU Rubber Roller

Impact resistant rubberized roller

peek regular wheel guides

Acid-resistant rubberized roller

UV-resistant guide wheels

PETP rubberized wheels

PU red high temperature rubberized roller

PEEK Positioning Wheel

PEEK Guide Wheel

PEEK side guide wheels

High temperature resistant acid and alkali resistant PU coated roller bearings

Vacuum suction cup glass suction cup

PEEK polyetheretherketone vacuum glass suction cup

Anti-static PEEK polyetheretherketone vacuum glass suction cup

Conductive PEEK polyetheretherketone vacuum glass suction cup

PI Polyimide Vacuum Glass Suction Cups

Conductive PI Polyimide Vacuum Glass Suction Cups

Anti-Static PI Polyimide Vacuum Glass Suction Cups

film suction cups

Rice sucker

Cross sucker

Porous sucker

PI/PAI/PEEK High Temperature Glass Vacuum Suction Cup

Oxygen-Resistant Vacuum Glass Suction Cup

Stainless steel bearing

Stainless steel bearings

Austenitic, martensitic stainless steel

Stainless steel housings and outer spherical bearings

Stainless Steel Bearing Technical Information

Industrial Robots

Logistics conveying equipment

Smart warehousing

Glass washing machine